Monday, November 2, 2009

Damn Yankees AKA Amy's Rules for What Team to Root For

On what may be the last day of baseball this season, I want to explain how you choose a team to root for if you otherwise have no affiliation or preferences. Or at least how I do it.

1. Location, Location, Location.
Is one of the teams from the Midwest/ North? (The Northeast or, in a pinch a cool Northwestern place like Seattle.) I will almost always root for them if they're playing the South or West. Even if the "northern team" is normally a rival of "my" team.

I'm not too fond of Ohio, so I have to force the Cleveland love. But if they're playing some team from Texas or Florida? No sweat. I'm not, repeat NOT still replaying the Civil War. But I'm a lifelong Northerner. That's how it rolls.

2. Is one team from what you perceive to be a cooler town - even if you've never been there? Cool does not necessarily have to be hip. Being from the Detroit area I will root for other RustBeltian towns - like Buffalo, for instance.

3. But being from a town with a downright cool rep doesn't hurt. (See Seattle above.)

4. BUT - New York teams? Eh.
Even if , like me, you love New York Citay the city. It's like being from Michigan but sometimes secretly laughing when the U of M loses. There's something about seeing some much-deserved humility being tossed at certain people.

Exception to Rule: In the fall of 2001 I rooted for the Yanks. I wanted that town to have something to cheer about. And besides, they were playing Arizona. (See Rule #1.)

5. Is there a particular player you like? An interest in Sid Crosby is how this Detroiter started following the Penguins.

6. Does a player from one team have ties to your area? Point in their team's favor.

7. What are their uniforms like? I'm from the thea-tah -- interesting costumes count.
Exhibit A:

To sum it up:
2009  World Series.
Two Northeastern teams, both nice uniforms. I've never been to Philadelphia (hope to some day). Don't know much about their players.
Meanwhile, Derek Jeter is from Michigan. And ARod used to boink Madonna, who's from Michigan.
But sheesh, it's the DAMN YANKEES!
So, in conclusion: GO PHILLIES!!!