Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gather Ye Beatles Concerts While Ye May

Been listening to a bit of those Brit boys lately. (Confession: I didn't appreciate them as much back in the day. In my defense, I was a wee bit young at the start of their brief, insane reign.)

For instance, here'sThe Rooftop Concert.  It's actually a bit ragged at spots, especially in the second "Get Back." But that's picking of nits.

Did you check out the bemused and enthused bystanders? Notice how some of them merely glance up and then move on?

Oh London people of 1969, STOP! Jagged as the sound may be, cold as the day was from what I can see, still, this is the last time the bleeping Beatles performed together. And in a decade John will be gunned down an ocean away. Oh London people of 1969, maybe some of you will be gone even before he is. So tarry in that glorious moment.

Anyway, back to the young lads. Most of all, I've been listening to this: And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Sometimes I hate getting older. But it's kind of good to be old enough to remember when humans walked on the moon and made music like this.