Sunday, November 22, 2009

While I'm Sitting Here With a Stomach Virus I Might As Well Kvetch About SNL Again

SNL with host Joseph Gordon Levitt 11/21/09 (or 21/11/09 for you furriners)

So, I read comments on some sites where right-wingers are happy SNL is "finally" sticking it (so to speak) to Obama.

And I think - that's probably what's wrong with SNL. Back in the day conservatives didn't even watch those dirty hippies on SNL.

No wait, that's what's wrong - SNL doesn't HAVE any dirty hippies any more. Just a couple of post-something-something absurdist ironists and some kids who grew up watching other bad SNL seasons and dreadful sitcoms with enhanced laugh tracks and now think that's what humor is.

And the digital shorts? Again, I was thinking the other day about the little moves that SNL did way in the past. A wider variety of stuff, from the sick Mr. Bill to sweet little clips of people greeting relatives at a train station, set to "Homeward Bound." But Samberg's stuff, while sometimes clever, has all the same tone.

Or maybe I'm just grumpy because there was no Feylin last night.

(Oh, but props to "the kid from 3rd Rock" for his energy and especially the salute to "Singing in the Rain.")