Saturday, January 2, 2010

Your Favorite Non-PC Olympic Figure Skaters

 (As always buoys and gulls, remember to click back to this page after going to a link.)

 Ah, figure skaters. Some of them are just a wee bit isolated from the world’s realities.

I rather dislike these contemporary Russian dancers anyway, so here for your bug-eyed WTF viewing “pleasure” is Domnina & Shabalin‘s 2010 Original Dance. 

She said she picked the music after her new dog ran around the room upon hearing it.

I think her dog’s a racist.

Shades of Alexei Yagudin in 1997.

I'll give them a benefit of the doubt and assume it was just a cultural misunderstanding thing.

"These freaks are leeching the dignity from our beloved sport."

Then of course, there’s drag.

‘Cos ha-ha there’s nothing funnier than a guy dressing like a woman.

And we won’t even get into flip side-  guys trying-too-hard-to-prove-they’re-straight.

Figure skating, I keeed because I luurve you.

Not as much as I used to, but that’s thanks to your crappy new judging system and same old cheating judges.

Oh dear, to cleanse our palate, how about a little of the exquisite Yu Na Kim (or Kim Yu Na), who is a class act. With a capital C. (As opposed to a capital K ...KK.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

In Which I Don't Write But Name Drop Like Crazy

Random thoughts:

1. All my previous posts seem soooo last decade.

2. In the first 20 hours of 2010 I ate two pizzas.

But not to worry, I also walked for nine minutes.

3. If I’m going to live my life like a less successful Liz Lemon it’d be nice to at least look like Tina Fey. (And hell, I've even had a thing for a piano player or two.)

4. It sucks to feel like you have a hangover when you didn’t have any Fun preceding it.

5. The Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, America’s Next Top Model, Top Chef, The Hills, P. Hilton, Kardashian.

Sorry, I don’t follow any of the above, don’t care about any of the above, have no thoughts about any of the above - I’m just trying to up my SEO.

6. I’m going to open a restaurant as near as possible to the TSA checkpoints at the airport and call it Security Dinner Theatre.

7. Why yes, I am tired and silly tonight, why do you ask?

8. At least I got some good creative writing done during my week off.
Come on, my little script babies, make momma some money in the new year.

9. I never got around to posting this before. It's the crazy Christmas house in Royal Oak, MI.

Me like.

2009 & the Aughts were not the greatest, and still there may be hard times ahead ... but let's face the music and dance. (And be thankful that people like Astaire and Rogers and Nat King Cole lived to share their talents with us.)

Happy New Year Everyone.